Tips for a Fun and Memorable Family Photoshoot

A family’s first photoshoot is always a time to be treasured. There are so many memories to be made, so many moments to cherish. But if you want to make your family photoshoot or maternity photoshoot in Dubai extra special and memorable, you have to prepare for it the right way. It’s not like some family events thought that take weeks and weeks of preparation. There are a lot of simple things you can do to make your first family photoshoot.


Here are some tips to get you started:


  1. Think of a theme – family photoshoots are supposed to be personal. If you want yours to feel special, the first thing to do is to give your own family photoshoot a personal touch. Make it a unique occasion that speaks of you as a family. If your kids are fond of a particular cartoon or movie character, you could play dress up and have your family picture taken together as your kids’ favourite movie or cartoon characters. If you want, you can also dress up in attire that speaks about your personal likes. For example, dad could dress up as his favourite football player, while mom wears her most stylish dress. The kids, on the other hand, could wear costumes that show what they enjoy doing the most, whether that’s playing football as well or painting beautiful landscapes.
  2. Prepare everything beforehand – nothing dampens the mood more than that sinking feeling when you forget something while on the way to the photoshoot. Not only does it ruin the mood, it also eats up time you could be enjoying with your family. So instead of arriving on time and having 3 hours with your hired photographer (whose time you paid for in full), you get only 2, which is not just a waste of time and money, but also a big downer. That is why it is important to prepare everything you need before the big day, so all you have do is grab your stuff and go. If you plan on using on costumes, have them arranged and packed neatly somewhere you can see them, so you don’t forget anything. If it takes 30 to 45 minutes to get to your photoshoot venue, allot more time than that to make sure you don’t arrive late. That way, you get the most of your time with your family photographer in Dubai.
  3. Have fun – this is the most important tip of all. First and foremost, a family photoshoot is about the FAMILY. If you make it more about the preparation and the costumes than it is about the family, you are taking away its essence. Have fun with your kids, because a picture of a family that is spontaneously having fun together is more precious than any perfectly prepared photo.